Friday, 16 August 2013

Muster the troops!

Greetings readers.

Its been a month or so since my last update and I've been busy securing some more reinforcements for the Latarians, increasing the infantry count to triple figures and the vehicle count to double figures. 

 photo DSCF5280.jpg

Of particular importance are the second platoon, they will be armed with flamers, meltas and demo charges for some close assault action. I've also rearmed one of the veteran squads, dropping the three plasma guns and going for shotguns, flamers, a heavy flamer and a demo charge.

I haven't just got a lazy army shot to show off today, but also some close ups of the units I'm actually working on at the moment.

 photo DSCF5290.jpg

Stormtroopers; a direct homage to the excellent 3rd edition metal models, probably some of my favourite things from GW ever.

 photo DSCF5285.jpg

 photo DSCF5287.jpg

 photo DSCF5288.jpg

The Stormtroopers' ride; a converted Land Speeder Storm, this vehicle goes by the codename of Vixen within the inventory and will likely find itself replicated in the near future.

 photo DSCF5291.jpg

Shooty veterans; toting three grenade launchers and a heavy bolter, this squad is designed to compliment first platoon to provide a solid base of fire on the battlefield.

 photo DSCF5292.jpg

Assaulty veterans; the compliment unit to second platoon, this squad will provide a very powerful punch on the counter assault. Hopefully. . . 

As noted in a discussing with Mr Maelstrom the weather is terrible for painting at the moment, far too warm and humid and generally icky, so my grand plan is to use the next few weeks to prepare as many models as possible, along with some terrain, so when the weather turns a little cooler I can break out paints.

Thats all for now folks!