Friday, 11 July 2014

Hit the beach!

Hi folks,

Back again after a wee bit away, been busy with work and suffering from some reduced hobby time due to the great god Ra putting in fairly regular appearances at the moment. Anywho, I've been busy with something slightly different from my past few updates and this will probably set the theme of things for the next few months. 

A long time ago my good lady bought me the US Assault company box as I'd intended to use it for a Glider company since it had the correct number and type of heavy weapons and troops. I built it up and it sat unloved for a very long time as I could never bring myself to paint models that were so obviously wrong for the purpose I was intending. After some recent discussions on Facebook and the plethora of documentaries and films that were shown during last month's D Day 70th anniversary, I decided at long last I needed to paint this assault company up and for their intended purpose. 

Below is my test platoon, a standard boat section plus their option .30-cal MG. The platoon has a mixture of assault company models, standard GIs and a couple of paratroopers to give a lot of variety of poses and models. Additionally, I've included some special effects Michael Bay would be proud of after watching the opening of Saving Private Ryan one too many times.

 photo WP_20140711_003.jpg

 photo WP_20140711_005.jpg

 photo WP_20140711_007.jpg

 photo WP_20140711_010.jpg

 photo WP_20140711_012.jpg

 photo WP_20140711_008.jpg

Cheers for looking folks.