Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hans, are we the bad guys?

Greetings folks,

After my detour into Britishness, its back to the Germans.

The first of three panzergrenadier platoons for my Normandy 9th Panzerdivision forces, I've got both trucks and half tracks lined up for them to give me the option of both armoured and conventional panzergrenadiers but won't be painting the vehicles for a bit. The infantry, however, are all done and dusted.


Command team.

First squad

Second squad.

Third squad.

Next up I'll be going on the defensive, building up a large collection of fortifications for the Normandy Festungkompanie lists. Some of these are quite recent, others are a bit older.

HMG pillbox and nests.

8 cm mortar pits.

5cm PaK 38 bunker with removable defilade walls.

3.7cm PaK 36 nests.

8" trench sections (got four of these primed)

Random trench sections (bends are 4", command post is 5" and inner curve is 3")

Barbed wire section, first of about two dozen I'll need to make.

Not sure what I'll pain up first, probably the array of nests as they should be quite quick and easy to do.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

One does not simply build an Open Fire Sherman

Greetings readers,

It has been a couple of weeks since I've updated, been busy with real life and multiple different project running simultaneously. As a follow up to the last post, I've been cataloguing and constructing a veritable bucket load of fortifications in preparation for some serious painting action in the future, and I've also got a platoon of Heer Grenadiers on the painting table (they're almost done, probably to the point where WiP shots are basically pointless). 

Today, however, I'm showing off something different. In addition to the up-coming Firestorm Cean campaign, there is a possibility my local club may be running a Market Garden campaign. Now, Market Garden has always been one of my favourite campaigns of WW2; the hopeless optimism, the insane heroism and the sheer variety of forces involved (and thats just the Germans) makes for an exciting setting with a lot of scope for cool scenarios and awesome armies. Having previously inventoried by backlog of FoW stuff I discovered I have rather a lot of British stuff, and my original intention had been to keep things fairly generic on the infantry side of things and use my large array of Shermans to represent a number of different units. After thinking it over, I realised this was a stupid idea as it was robbing me of the opportunity to field a single, truly massive, force for excessive mega gaming. 

Enter the Irish Guards Battlegroup. As it stands just now, I have a full armoured squadron with two rifle platoons in support and a full infantry company with two armoured troops in support. This gives me a total of six Sherman troops and five rifle platoons as well as full command sections for both and the obligatory JOE Vandaleur. I also have some MGs and mortars with carriers, Stuarts and M10s on the way. I've been working away on the first Sherman troop, trying to blend the Open Fire Shermans with the older (and far better) resin tanks, going mad with stowage and camo netting as well as a few tank riders.

 photo WP_20150218_001.jpg

These are ready for painting, once they've had a quick wash, and will likely be next on the desk once I finish the grenadiers. I've also converted up a couple of specialist tanks to fill out the squadron, a dozer Sherman and an ARV.

 photo WP_20150218_004.jpg

 photo WP_20150218_005.jpg

 photo WP_20150218_006.jpg

 photo WP_20150218_007.jpg

Thanks for looking folks, see you next time! 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The best laid plans. . .

Greeting readers,

It it is often said that no plan survives contact with the enemy, and I think its safe to say I'm my own worst enemy. After making grand declarations about my intentions for the coming year my local FoW ranger announced his intent to run a blood big D-Day game at the local club in early June (to coincide with D-Day, obviously) so I now find myself preparing to defend Fortress Europe. 

Don't really have any plan as such, just going to paint a selection of stuff and see what happens. On that note, I've finished my first fortification, a 7.5cm Feldkanone bunker.

 photo WP_20150205_023.jpg

 photo WP_20150205_024.jpg

 photo WP_20150205_025.jpg

And a scale shot with a German command team.

 photo WP_20150205_026.jpg

Currently working on a selection of nests, trenches, traps and other horrible ways to defeat those pesky Allies. And if I get bored of those, I've always got 10,000 points or so of Heer and SS to paint. 

Cheers for now!