Sunday, 6 September 2015

Progress demands sacrafice

Good evening folks,

Time for another update, still not as frequently as I'd like but probably more frequently than you're used to. Which is nice. . .

So first of all I've made a little progress with Si's challenge. A tiny little bit progress, but progress none the less. At this rate I'll have finished the first one by my thirtieth birthday.

 photo WP_20150906_004.jpg

I've also been working away on a trio of Panther Gs for my late war Germans. Not a lot left to do now, probably just weathering and national crosses on the back of the turrets then I can call them done.

 photo WP_20150906_007.jpg

 photo WP_20150906_008.jpg

 photo WP_20150906_006.jpg

Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, I've got my mini rulebooks back from being re-bound. Really pleased with how these turned out, and they'll be infinitely more useful now that they will stay at the required page.

 photo WP_20150906_009.jpg

Thats all for now folks, thanks for stopping by.