Friday, 26 April 2013

FoW Goodness Sake. . .

A wise man once said "start as you mean to go on" but a slightly lazier man once said "why do today what you can put off until tomorrow."

I was planning to do this over the weekend but I've been talked into taking on some overtime at work so I figured I'd put an update on here today and actually give you lovely lot something to look at! As promised, today's update is the first of many that will involve Flames of War. This game is probably my game of the moment as it combines fairly simple rules and easily acquired models with my favourite period in history: the second world war. 

My previous efforts with Flames have been a little sporadic and over the years I've picked up a variety of models with little semblance of a plan, something which has resulted in an erratic and slightly incompatible collection of stuff. I an attempt to prevent that from happening in future, I've decided to limit myself to not just a single period or single theatre, but a single campaign. That campaign is Market Garden, and I'll be collecting and painting American, German and British forces for all the major units that took part. Additionally, I'll be putting together a large selection of terrain appropriate for battles in The Netherlands. All of that is to come in the future, and for now I'm just trying to do the impossible and paint a full and usable force (I've never once achieved this in over a decade of wargaming!). That force is as follows. . . 

101st Airborne Parachute Company
  • Company HQ
  • Three rifle platoons with three small squads each
  • MG platoon with four MGs and one bazooka
  • Mortar platoon with four tubes
  • Airborne AT platoon with two guns, bazookas and jeeps
  • Airborne artillery battery with four tubes 
  • Irish Guards troop with two Shermans and two Fireflies
All in all this list comes in at 1750 points, though as I've only played two or three games of third edition I have no idea if this list will actually work. Guess I'll have to find out the hard way. A pre painted picture of the force is below, along with pictures of the platoons I have painted thus far.

 photo DSCF5161.jpg
1750 points list

 photo DSCF5194.jpg
HQ section with MG platoon's bazooka

 photo DSCF5195.jpg
MG platoon

 photo DSCF5178.jpg
First rifle platoon

 photo DSCF5206.jpg
Second rifle platoon

Currently have the third platoon work in progress just now, hoping to get them done within the next few days and then probably move on to some of the fun stuff.

Until next time folks!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Here. We. Go.

Again. . . 

I've had this blog up for longer than I can remember, maybe even longer than that, and in that whole time I've made a handful of updates, each one sporadic and unrelated to the the previous and often many months apart. In the main this has been due to my use of The Ammobunker as my creative soapbox, once I've updated something on there I can rarely be bothered to update again somewhere else. However, seeing as the interest in what I'm turning my hand to has waned on AB, and seeing as many of my favourite people just aren't posting on it any more, I decided to have another go at this blogging malarky to see if I could make it a little more of a regular thing. 

First, I suppose, I need to get the life updates out of the way. I moved house in December, from my old 2 bedroom flat to a larger 3 bedroom flat with its own loft. Pretty soon after the missus and I moved in it was decided that I should get my own dedicated space to work on my hobby; that space turned out to be the loft. At present I have a nice desk up there, along with more than enough space for two 6x4 gaming tables and sufficient headroom for Peter Dinklage as a regular gaming buddy (I'm 6ft 3, so this is a bit of an issue). On the hobby side of things I went through a phase of 40K at the end of last year and spent a fair amount on making my motley collection of Elysian models into a usable force but then I lost interest when bigger things, like walls, needed painting. For now, though, I'm very much getting back into Flames of War and I don't doubt that 15mm WW2 stuff will form the bulk of what I do over the coming months, possibly even the whole year. 

I'll be getting some proper posts up in the coming days and weeks, with pictures and sarcasm and whatever else my audience wants to see. For now, however, I'm buzzing out.