Friday, 13 September 2013

All quiet on the western front?

Hello folks, 

Been a little busy with work and other real life stuff, but I've managed to squeeze in some hobby time and put together an update for your viewing pleasure.

First up, a wee update to my current Guard army.

 photo DSCF5311.jpg

WIP Stormtroopers; the helmets are blatantly ripped from Reach and ODST (I'm a Halo fanboy) and the colour scheme will likely be inspired by the same sources.

I've also been working something else I'm a little more excited about, a battlefield! 

 photo DSCF5312.jpg

Picked up a RoB set from a friend and already had the plastic hills from years and years ago. The first task, as you can probably tell, was to hide all the bloody skulls on the thing with a layer of stones, slate an sand and I've now painted the entire board and the hills. Next on the agenda will be to start bringing up the texture a little more and adding grass. After that, I'll be painting up this lot. . . 

 photo DSCF5313.jpg

Ferns and bushes to break up the battlefield and provide a little cover. Later on down the line I'll pick up some bigger trees and buildings, as well as more hills and cliffs, but for now this will have to suffice! 

Cheers for now.