Thursday, 1 December 2016


Or at least, things of a word-like nature. . . 

So, I'm well aware that it has been what experts may call "a while" since I've updated my blog. The past ten or so months have been kid of turbulent and busy due to massive changes at work, so I've not had a lot of time to sit down and paint stuff and not had much cause to update anything here. Somewhat ironically, though, I have started attending my local gaming club on a semi regular basis so i'm at least getting to play games! 

So, just what the hell have I been up to? 

Firstly, I did manage to get the Panthers finished.

 photo WP_20160129_002.jpg

As well as some Konigstigers.

 photo WP_20160129_004.jpg

And an Sdkf 234 armoured car

 photo temporary_1.jpg

I've actually got two 234s finished, and I'll get more/better pictures of them in the near future. And yes, its on a base. Shock! 

In other news, I recently took part in a Total War game at our local club's annual charity wargaming day, affectionately known as the G3 Annual Spencer Warner Memorial Gaming Day (or GGGASWMGD). I've not got round to doing a write-up, as uploading pictures is proving to be a nightmare, but Mark over at Breakthrough has put a nice wee article about it here. For now, you;ll have to make to with a single photo taken somewhere round turn 5 or 6.

 photo temporary_11.jpg

While it was nice to get the toys out and have an all day game, I found that the total-war aspect of trying to capture a big action wasn't too satisfying in its scope as a lot of the killing seemed to be done by specialist units and funky toys rather than plain old line troops. While I have no problem with FoW or Team Yankee, they're quite restrictive in being company level games with no real restriction (other than points) on wonder units that many real world commanders wouldn't have had access to, and this is starting to become a little boring. I've been toying with branching out for a while now, and last week I finally took the plunge and bought another set of wargaming rules.

The rules I opted for were Rapid Fire, a set I stumbled across when I looking for Cold War inspiration on the excellent Cold War Gamer blog. As the 2nd edition is out of print, I took the plunge and spend 9 whole US dollars (or the soul of my firstborn at our post-Brexit exchange rate) on a pdf copy. I've had flick through them and I'm very impressed, they seem to be simple and easy to follow, and although written with 20mm and WW2 in mind they look adaptable to various periods and scales. The key thing for me, though, is that they're regiment/brigade level rules where your individual models represent whole platoons worth of assets. This could get exciting! 

Cheery bye for now folks, if you're unlucky you may even get another update this year. . . 

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