Tuesday, 11 August 2015

We're gonna need a bigger bloke. . .

Friend, readers, countrymen. . .

Belated greeting to you all. Blogspot, rather smugly, informs me it has been five months sine I last posted and in that time a huge amount has happened. I've switched jobs, got married and visited the Midlands over the past few months. All of this has eaten into my hobby time to the point where I even enjoyed spray painting plant pots for table decorations.

Fear not, though, for I am back to defend my honour from the one known as Simon. He has challenged me to paint a single Bolt Action figure per month. Why has he lain down such a challenge? Quite simply, to get back at me for manipulating him into something new and hobby related. In fairness, I've had Bolt Action for months but simply done nothing with it. What do I have? I'm glad you asked.

 photo WP_20150416_001.jpg

A starter set and a core box of both US Airborne and German FJ, to give me a couple of cheeky wee Market Garden themed forces. Unfortunately, Warlord have gone for a Normandy feel with their figures so a little converting will be required before I can paint them up, but I needn't rush as I'm only expected to do one a month.

And just so I don't post an update without any painted figures, have a couple of Panther Gs!

 photo WP_20150508_005.jpg

These are the start of my generic FoW Panzerbrigade force, suitable of pretty much anything after Normandy. Got a few more near enough done, so hopefully I can finish marking and weathering those in the not too distant future.

Peace out folks! 


  1. Good to see you back Dave, and congrats on the recent nuptials. I shall look forward to seeing some of your excellent FoW stuff.

  2. Thanks very much Dave, I must say I'm really looking forward to getting back to painting.