Friday, 6 March 2015

A pack of Panzers

Greetings readers,

Once again my ability to plan has been surpassed by my inability to follow a plan, as I've discovered I only have a tiny drizzle of Typhus Corrosion left in the pot. This has killed any sort of painted mud based activities, such as defences and infantry basing, so I broke out the PSC Panzer IVs and had at it.

Having perused the order of battle for the Normandy campaign I settled on the 9th Panzer division for my armoured elements, and I went for these guys as I figured not many other people would. They didn't have the prestige of the Panzer Lehr, the experience of the 2nd or the funky toys of the 21st, but the 9th were still a capable and well equipped formation before the invasion. 

Having researched a little further, I discovered that these guys were an extremely fresh formation, having spent about six months rebuilding outside Paris having been shattered on the eastern front. This meant that they would have had a lot of brand new equipment mixed in with some older kit that they'd "liberated" from their R&R area. With this in mind, I wanted a slightly unusual colour scheme that hinted at some serious time being taken in unifying the division's paint jobs. A quick internet search turned up this picture. . .

 photo PantherTankInPosition-historicalgermanworldwar2colourimage.jpg

A suitably inspiring colour scheme which I've modified a little, resulting in these. . .

 photo WP_20150306_001.jpg

The start of first platoon, second company, 9th Panzerregiment.

Close ups. . .

 photo WP_20150306_002.jpg

 photo WP_20150306_003.jpg

 photo WP_20150306_004.jpg

 photo WP_20150306_006.jpg

 photo WP_20150306_007.jpg

 photo WP_20150306_008.jpg

 photo WP_20150306_009.jpg

 photo WP_20150306_010.jpg

 photo WP_20150306_011.jpg

Next up will be some half tracks of some description. 

Thanks for looking, folks.


  1. Nice looking Panzers there man. Scheme looks good, well proportioned given the scale difference.

    Needs more shrubbery though.

    1. Can't tell if this is sincere criticism or a thinly veiled Monty Python reference. . .

    2. Half and half mate.

      This army list allow you to take Hetzer's at all...?

    3. Hertzers gonna Hertz!

      Not sure, think they can only take Jagdpanther IVs, and that's the only for infantry and reconnaissance companies.